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* No assembly needed *Folds to 215 MM (8½ins) flat for convenient transport and storage.
*Internal self-cleaning by reflected heat, -means no time lost.


The Classic TG160 (Twin Grill, 160cms) launched our company in 1984, with its innovative styling and patented technology. Over the years of practical refinements, we haven’t lost sight that the outdoor catering basic needs are ‘reliable HEAT’ and ‘simple VERSATILITY’.


*No assembly needed.
*Folds to 190mm (7½ins) flat for transport.
*Internal self-cleaning by reflected heat, -means no time lost.
*Cooking heat achieved in less than five minutes.
*High pressure burners unaffected by wind.
*Easy low maintenance from minimal, rugged design.
*High capacity from ‘production line’ open grill, for faster profits.
*Individual controls for each side of the grill.
*Economic 12hrs full heat from one 19kg propane cylinder.
*Excess fat collected in any disposable ring-pull can.
*Can be stored vertically on end, for the least storage space possible.
*Leg design remains stable on soft earth, also protects controls when folded.




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